Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finally, the final post...

Rush hour in Umnudelgaer soum

I guess even horses need to fill up here

The entrance to the Zoos Hurd credit union

Some of its members

Visiting the site of the new credit union building with some of the staff

Meeting the governor of Khentii aimag

B gets dressed up at a textile business the credit union helped get started. Apparently, these women can sew anything. They loved B's Icelandic sweater and examined it doubt replicates will available all over Mongolia soon.

Bruno presents the credit union with a gift from Canada

At the meat market...yes, these camels are waiting to be sold, probably as food. Bruno said they had to make a stop here so that his host's son could sell two sheep skins in order to buy an IPod.

B bids farewell to the goats

It's time to hit the road back to Ulaanbaator

Watch out for those marmot skins along the way...

The last meal in Mongolia...deep fried bools (dumplings filled with fat). Note the sheep bones on the table...a fun game! B has brought one home.

The final entertainment

If you want to follow the further adventures of Bruno (his volunteer work is now finished so it's time for vacation) ...check out "' where B meets Wendy in Korea, continues on to Singapore and ends up in Bali.

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