Friday, August 5, 2011

Is this a yurt?

Actually in Mongolia a yurt is a ger...rhymes with hair.

You may be wondering why Mongolia looks suspiciously like Ottawa, but Bruno begins his expedition here with an orientation. Good thing, too, because after learning that a typical breakfast in the stix of Mongolia will most likely consist of warm milk (mare's?) with floating chunks of meat (mare's?), he has time to rush out and stock up on instant oatmeal. He also makes sure he has a good supply of instant noodles in case dinner ends up being 'horse intestines' - a local delicacy. Bruno's first assignment upon arriving in Ulaanbaator will be to drive 420 kilometers towards the Russian border in a 4x4, which will take an entire day. I can just imagine how much he's going to love that, especially as I'm sure there will not be much in the way of actual roads...Ah well , there's always dinner to look forward to at the end of the day...!

So what does Bruno do first when he manages to get time to wander around Ottawa... check out the cats of Parliament Hill! Apparently volunteers take care of them but for some reason don't want any donations.

There are over a 100 bilingual cats living in these 'condos', generously sharing their food with squirrels.

I haven't been to Ottawa myself in a very long time (30 years?) but I think this may be a shot of Hull, Quebec, just over the river. I'll have to double check this with B...

Locks on the Ottawa takes one hour to move a boat 24 meters through here...

...because the gears are cranked by hand!

B in front of the National Art Gallery, clutching the leg of a giant spider.

The interior of the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa. There was also a picture of the Canadian Mint, but it was pretty boring, which is also what Bruno said of visiting the Mint (and he calls himself a banker), except that while he was hanging around outside, he ran into his former boss who was on vacation. Good thing B wasn't playing hookey from work!

Next post...why is Bruno doing this? and why is his wife writing the blog?

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